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Strengths and Weaknesses of a Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Strengths and Weaknesses of a Leader - Essay Example Moreover, people tend to follow those whom they see as providing a means of achieving their own desires, wants, and needs. Leadership and motivation are closely interconnected. By understanding motivation, one can appreciate better what people want and why they act as they do. The motivation given by the leadership makes the followers to depict certain behavioral attitudes. These values transformed by the leader in his/ her followers are different in men and women. As mentioned by Weber in his definition of charismatic leader Schmidt is an extraordinarily gifted person who emerged in situation of desperation for Novell and provided the organization with a set of ideas providing a radical solution to the crisis. Through his openness for change and volatility he succeeded to make the employees of the organization believe that he is the right person whom they should follow. They validated Schmidt's extraordinary gifts and which resulted in repeated success of organization. The want of good leadership can issue from physiological and security needs. Good leadership helps to assure that the organization and its jobs will continue to exist. In addition, the ego demands that one-respect person from whom orders and directions are to be received. It is very frustrating to be subjected personally to a command from an individual who is deemed unworthy and incompetent. Reasonable orders and directions: The order i... equirements of the situation, capable of being executed, complete but not unnecessarily detailed, clear and concise, and given in a manner that stimulates acceptance. Unreasonable orders incapable of accomplishment serve only to increase insecurity and frustration. Unreasonable orders that work contrary to the best interests of the organization may lead to a form of malicious obedience; the employee takes great delight in following them to the letter in hopes of harming the superior who merits little respect. A socially relevant organization: The trend toward greater social expectations of private organizations has impact upon such an organization's employee's expectations. This want issues from human needs of self-esteem, and levies a highly challenging responsibility upon the organization's management. In a job environment where the most of the above mentioned conditions will fulfilled the employees will be more committed and productive. In the case of Networking software maker Novell Schmidt kept moods and emotions as a central point in the leadership process. More specifically it was proposed that emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage moods and emotions in the self and others, contributed to effective leadership in Novell's rebuilding. Schmidt kept his focus on four major aspects of emotional intelligence: The appraisal and expression of emotion, the use of emotion to enhance cognitive processes and decision making, knowledge about emotions and management of emotions. By manipulating these four aspects he developed collective goals and objectives. He instilled in his colleagues and sub ordinates an appreciation of the importance of new ideas, enthusiasm to work hard, confidence in himself and trust with in themselves and other teammates. He

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